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Data Policy

The GMOS Consortium has produced a “Governance and Data Policy” document to endorse the Global Mercury Observation System Facility, to assure high capability in data acquisition and sharing a Cyber(e)-Infrastructure has been established within GMOS to support:

Data collection from monitoring activity, model assessments and literature surveys;
Management of ground-based monitoring sites by the establishment of advanced on-line services for data quality control, instrument maintenance and alerting, dissemination of site activity at global and local level;
Transformation of data and their descriptors (metadata) into recognized standards such as ISO19139 and INSPIRE;
Sharing of model results and averaged observations, in respect of intellectual property rights, to support on-going international programs
The signatories to this non-binding document have decided that a co-ordinated international scientific effort is needed to enable users throughout the world to establish a unique end-point for large quantities of global mercury data, thereby supporting scientific research in many disciplines, promoting technological and economic evaluation of abatement technology implementation, facilitating impact assessment on the environment and human health, and establishing benefits in enhancing the quality of life of members of society.

The Official Governance and Data Policy of the GMOS Facility Document can be found here