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The GMOS Network is a worldwide network of 3 ground-based monitoring sites of mercury in the air. Each site provide datasets Quality Assured and Quality Controlled that are archived in the infrastructure.

GMOS network partners have agreed and subscribed the Membership Agreement (link) that is aimed to build a Consortium of institutions managing mercury monitoring sites.

The Consortium has also established Governing Bodies to form the policy and steer the overall direction of the GMOS.

The up-to-date list of partners that have signed the Membership Agreement is the following:

University of York (Katie Read)
CAS, Institute of Geochemistry (Xinbin Feng)
Macquarie University (Peter Nelson)
Finnish Meteorological Institute (Kyllönen Katriina)
South Africa Weather Service (Lynwill Martin)
Lumex (Nikolay Mashianov)
Josef Stefan Institue (Milena Horvat)
RECETOX (REsearch CEntre for TOXic compounds in the environment) (Ivan Holoubek)